Danish wedding traditions

more than a viking ritual ...

Danish weddings are filled with rules, based on a long history of doing the same year after year. This is why Danes like to preserve these traditions without failing.

So, here we will just list a few of the important and funny ones. 

Please enjoy!

The ceremony



The groom is the first to arrive at the church, his job is to welcome the guests as they arrive at the church together with his best man.

Traditionally, Danes rent an old fashion car to take them to the reception and dinner.

Wedding party

The speeches

There is no wedding party without speeches, and the more the better, the reason for this is because all the family and friends needs to tell everyone about the special relation they have to either the groom, the bride or the couple. It is here where the embarassing stories comes forward, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, people are allowed to tell all about the bride and groom.
Since there are so many speeches, there is an specific order to follow:

This is commonly the Groom or one of the parents of the couple

He welcomes the guest to the wedding and gives the practical information. He concludes his/her speech by introducing the toastmaster.

The first job of this person is to inform the guests about the evening’s schedule. Likewise, toastmaster will let know people that he/she is the  responsible for introducing the people who wants to give an speech.

He will have the pleasure of giving the first real speech of the evening. This is where he will say thanks to his daughter for a wonderful live together, and welcome the groom into the family.

The groom normally give thanks to the parents of the bride for such a lovely daughter. He thanks his parents, and concludes by telling to the bride about his love for her.

He welcomes the bride to the family, and warns her of his son.

Now everyone else can get their speech said, if they want to. This is a point that is not required for people to do.

To mark the end of all the speeches, the bride will give her speech.

She will tell about the couple’s memories and the future experiences to come. 

do not take the jacket off before the groom does

No worries, the jacket comes off fast, especially in Mexico


kissing as a couple

1: Either over or under the table. If the guests tap the glasses, the bride and groom will have to step up on their chairs and kiss. 2: When the guest stomps their feet, the couple will have to go under the table and kiss.

Kissing the couple

When the bride or groom goes to the toilet, then the guests can go and kiss the one left behind on the cheek. This tradition symbolizes that you have to look out for your wife or husband or else people will try to "steal" him/her.

Lots of cutting

The Groom

The guests will have to cut one of the groom's sock, some people also tend to cut the tie and the underwear in pieces.

The bride

In the case of the bride, guests will try to cut some of bride's veil off.
Note: The bride needs to agree beforehand if she wants her veil to be cutted.

Cutting the cake

The cake is being serve during the reception and as tradition dictates, the cake has to be cut by the bride and the groom at the same time. Then they go on and feed it each other. Another less known tradition is that all guests need to eat at least a small bite of the cake or else it will mean bad luck for the couple.

The walze (waltz)

When it comes to the couple’s first dance you have to dance the wedding waltz by Niels W. Gade and do it before 12, or else it will mean bad luck.

The guests will participate in this by slowly surrounding the couple and clapping at the beat of the song. The couple will get closer and closer until they can’t move and end with a kiss. 

Play the video to see Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary wedding waltz.